Showing Your Appreciation

As a leader, it is vital that you show your appreciation for the accomplishments and work of those you lead. In his post on the Fast Company Leadership Blog, Shawn Parr discusses how having this spirit of gratitude in your work can not only create more happy workers but a more happy you.

After “I love you,” saying “Thank you” is probably the most affirming and energizing statement that we can use toward one another, especially when it’s combined with total sincerity.

Without the positive reinforcement from a leader who shows gratitude for work done, people can lose focus on their important contributions to the team. If a members of a team are focused and fully aware of their individual impact, these positive benefits can transfer into the brand and company work as a whole.

Shawn’s post further points out that self-centered and self-promoting people and brands do not gain the positive benefits of this appreciation. This type of attitude does not draw in loyal co-workers or customers.

Generosity also brings out the best in people. As a leader, choosing to be generous not only with your team members but also with your community and customers can build great morale and loyalty for your brand.

Recent studies found the Uncommon Sense principle that “It’s better to give than to receive” provides a rich ground for innovation in relationship development and customer retention.

While being generous with all of your stakeholders is extremely important, it must also include total sincerity. Without sincerity, false generosity and self-serving actions are easily detected and can have negative consequences.

Shawn offers so excellent “rules” to remember and live by as a leader but also just a darn good human being…

  • Say “thank you” often and mean it when you say it – people can tell the difference.
  • Show your gratitude with actions and items of appreciation.
  • Look for new ways to demonstrate generous giving.
  • It’s much more rewarding to give than to receive.
  • Do something specific for people in need at least once a week.
  • Tell the truth always.
  • Do what you say and say what you do.


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