Would It Be Easier If We Were The Same?

There are opinions everywhere about what is the best balance between diversity and similarity but much of this discussion is focused on the inevitability of conflict comes from any differences. In a recent post on John Maxwell’s blog on Leadership, he discusses this subject of how to lead “difficult” people. As John says, “understanding is the key to success in leading a difficult person.” If a person feels understood, they are much more likely to feel that you really do care for their opinions and feelings.

In a recent article on the Gordon Training International Leadership Training blog, Bill Stinnett wrote about this same topic. In the article, Bill discusses how leaders can bring together a team that may not get along completely. A few vital skills can greatly assist leaders in helping others to see past differences – non-judgmental confrontation of unacceptable behavior, listening, and the ability to resolve conflicts.

What other important skills have you found to be useful in leading differing personalities and styles?


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