Emotional Leadership

Now what do I mean about Emotional Leadership, you may ask. Is she talking about sitting around and crying with your employees? No, not exactly. I am referring to being a leader of your emotions and the emotions of the organization. In a recent blog post by Brian T. Flanagan on the ROOTSxHORIZONS blog, it is pointed out that one of the top responsibilities of a leader is to boost morale among employees.

Individuals who master the art of emotional leadership resonate with superiors, peers, and subordinates, and improve motivation and performance within their organizations.

This post further goes on to suggest that a leader can be a booster or a buster of morale. Boosters are motivated, enthusiastic, imaginative, respectful, interdependent, and trusting. Conversely, busters are depressed, uninspired, close-minded, discourteous, isolated, and cynical. Now just think to yourself – who would you rather work for? Someone who is encouraging and creative and values your contribution? Or someone who is cold and constantly critical and cynical?

As a leader yourself, you can seek out inspiration and training to improve your communication skills to create more positive and inspiring role. It takes constant work but being a booster and making the morale and emotional health of your organization a top priority, you will see the effect on productivity as well as quality of work.


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