Leading a Culture That Works

If you’ve worked for any established company (and I’m pretty sure you have), you know that culture is hard to change.  A company’s culture is engrained into the employees, processes and politics. Attempts to alter a corporate culture should be well-thought out and planned with contingency plans in place.

Earlier this week Celeste Paradise posted some thoughts on the Future Women Leaders blog about how you can change your team’s culture. Why is it worth attempting to change something that is so difficult to alter?

High performing teams take on a life of their own and consistently outperform goals set before them.

In the post, Celeste gives us eight ways we can work to create a solid plan to modify our team’s culture.

1. Draft your vision and team identity with your team.

2. Work with your team to break down your objectives and then get out of they way so everyone can do their part.

3. Behave with integrity, honesty, and lose your title at the door

4. Hire for culture fit first – build your community and encourage positive communication

5. All team/employee meetings are sacred – treat them as such

6. Communicate, communicate, communicate

7. Default to trust – be the advocate for your team

8. Celebrate success

All eight of these steps are excellent suggestions to keep in mind on a constant basis when working with your team. If all team members feel the respect, trust and partnership with you as their leader, your culture is sure to thrive.

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