Finding Purpose in Your Work

Today I read a post that I want to share with you all. It was by Jon Gordon on Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership blog and concerned why we should have a purpose for our work that is more than just a paycheck or overall financial security.

Many aim to make a difference in the world but we do not always look at what we can do in our lives as they currently are. We don’t need to travel to Africa to help a child in need, although there is definitely outstanding merit in doing so. Instead, we can spend time with our own children.

You may not feed the homeless every day, but you can nourish your employees and customers with a smile, kind word, and care.

As a leader, you should portray a clear, driving purpose to your employees for the work that you do. This purpose is what can build an effective team that has a passion for their work.

Bring your mission to work, start working for a bigger purpose and nourish others in the process.


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