What is Your Personal Brand?

The post I’d like to share with you all today is from the Azzarello Group’s business leadership blog. A few days ago, Patty Azzarello discussed the importance of creating and managing your personal brand.

You may already know a bit about branding from your work experience but in case you don’t – a brand is more than just a logo or a set of colors, it is a position and a promise. And brands go beyond a company or product – they can be yours.

Having a strong personal brand makes you feel more confident because you’ll use it to always put your best foot forward. You will feel less defensive, and more decisive in difficult situations.

A good understanding of your personal brand provides a consistent knowledge of your strengths as well as what you stand for. Patty highlighted another benefit of knowing your brand:

Because your brand gives you certainty about how to position yourself, you will be more persuasive and influential more of the time. That’s good for advancing, selling, and negotiating.

I suggest we all do a short inventory of our personal brand and spend some time focusing on how we can improve how our brand is perceived.

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