Mastering the Emotional

Work tends to be categorized – the technical aspect, the emotional aspect, the mental aspect – and many times we as leaders compartmentalize these aspects rather than looking at them together as a whole. Possible this separation came from our schooling where studies were divided into classes and disciplines and these divisions have just remained in force.

Regardless of the source, the divisions exist and many times certain aspects are forgotten or ignored. The emotional aspect, sometimes called “touchy-feely”, is frequently covered in leadership training and development. Many of us have so much going on in the other aspects of our jobs that these parts get overlooked. However, mastering the emotional aspect of the job is one of the most basic parts of being a leader.

On Gordon Training International’s Leadership Training blog, a video was posted today about this very topic. In the video, Tim Marusich, a successful entrepreneur, discusses the various benefits that we can see as leaders by taking the time to listen to our employees and team members and make them feel valued.

We shouldn’t shy away from taking care of the emotional. After all, our emotions have an enormous effect on our productivity and effectiveness from day to day.

How do you feel about practicing and learning to be better with the “touchy-feely” stuff?


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2 comments on “Mastering the Emotional

  1. Donna
    June 29, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    Thank you for the ping back.


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