Renew your Focus on Strategy

“Will I have my job tomorrow?” I feel like I daily hear this question behind the dialogue I hear on the news, at work, with clients. We are living in a world today where with layoffs a-plenty and uncertainty around every corner.

In order to rise above this constant worry, we need to focus on the things we can do to make that future more certain. This week on the Great Leadership blog, guest blogger Amy K. Hutchens presented some important considerations that leaders need to keep in mind during these uncertain times. As situations slowly improve, leaders need to assess the survival mentality that has dominated our decisions

Everyone was so focused on surviving and cutting that they have no strategic initiatives…no clear next steps, vision or, in many cases, energy. Leaders are suffering from their own business hangovers.

Amy offers three tips to use strategy as our economy rebuilds:

  1. Focus on energy, not time. What’s burning the energy of the company and what refuels it with respect to your strategy, operations, financial and people resources?
  2. Focus on each conversation. Slow down and brainstorm what you want to say and how you want to express it prior to speaking or typing.
  3. Focus on creating internal alignment. Uncovering internal judgments and attachments allows you to uncover tension.

Overall, remaining focused on your strategy and aligning your personal communication and time with your goals will result in more strategic choices.


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