Defining Leadership

What is Leadership? What does it mean to be a leader? These questions are at the core of finding how to be an effective leader.

I recently read a post on the Linked 2 Leadership blog from Scott Crandall that defined leadership through six keywords. Crandall defines leadership as…

the ability to influence people so they willingly accomplish the goals you are accountable for achieving.

This definition combines the six keywords that he explains define a leader: Ability, Influence, Willingly, Accomplish, Goals, Accountable.


Implies that leadership is a learned skill

As we know in our search for effective leadership, it is a process to become a successful leader. A process that requires a clear set of skills.


Leadership is about getting people to do what you want them to do, what they should do, and what they must do.

As a leader, you do not have the time to do everything. This is why you delegate tasks to those you lead. Influencing those you lead to do what you need them to do is essential for your success.


People have to “want” to do something.

As a leader, we will achieve the best results by giving sincere motivation to our employees. Coercion or fear are not effective motivators.


Leadership is about getting specific things done.

We must focus on getting the job done, not just strategizing and keeping everything at a high level.


It’s fundamental that people have goals to focus their efforts, measure their achievements, and set the bar for next time.

Encouraging those you lead to set goals will motivate them in their work and giving consequences and appropriate incentives will aid in that motivation.


Leaders…don’t fear being measured and held accountable.

Playing the blame game may work in a single instance but in the long run, leaders will benefit most from accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions.

By keeping in mind these six key elements of leadership, we can continue to build our skills.


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