How to Solve the Problem of a Horrible Boss

You may have heard about the recent film called “Horrible Bosses” that was released last weekend. In the film, the premise is that a few guys have terrible leaders who take immoral and unethical actions and the only solution that the guys come up with is to kill their leaders.

Can this really be the answer? In a quite humorous post on the Leadership Training blog from Gordon Training International, Denise Montgomery discusses this crazy solution to conflict that, granted, is explored for comedic effect but there must be some truth to the idea since it does resonate with audiences.

As leaders, I know we all strive to be ethical and moral in our decisions and actions but if our employees do have issues with us, we would hope those would not lead to violence. We should all know that conflicts can be resolved through listening, stating our own views and issues and finding a common solution to the problem.

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