Expressing Humility as a Leader

While it is good to take pride in  your work, it is important as leaders that we remain humble and acknowledge all of the work that goes in to making our work a success.

In a recent post on the Leadership Now blog, Michael McKinney discussed this important part of leadership that needs constant attention.

Humility isn’t about the lack of ambition, but acknowledging the luck, the good fortune, and the contributions of others to your success. It is the humility that comes with a habit of respect for others.

Success is rarely achieved by one person and so in order to remain modest, we must respect the work of those who aid in our effectiveness. Giving positive feedback to those you work with will help them to know that their work is appreciated. Many times we focus on only giving feedback if we have a problem, but we must remember that knowing you have done a good job is just as important as fixing a problem.


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