Innovate to Grow

Innovation. I don’t know about you but when I read that word, I think of Steve Jobs. Maybe I am just a Mac-head but Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. are prime example of innovation and the success that comes from constant improvement and striving to find the next big thing.

On the Gordon Training International Leadership Training blog, expert author Bill Stinnett recently wrote about the need for innovation in order to see real growth. It has long been know that hard work alone will not bring true success – a head for discovery is what sustains. But how do we innovate?

What we can do is look at our own organizations and assess whether they are encouraging innovation or not…we can work on is creating a workplace that encourages innovation and creativity.

Encouraging this creativity comes through leadership. Leaders must support new ideas, self-discovery and solutions. Stinnett suggests several important ways to encourage this kind of thinking:

•    Make innovation a priority.
•    Spotlight unusual initiatives and oblique thinking.
•    Listen.
•    Create a system for incubating, organizing, and responding to team member ideas.
•    Follow through.
•    Make creativity everyone’s job.
•    Allow for mistakes.
•    Build teams.
•    Encourage diversity.
•    Embrace new hires and outsiders.

These things among others will help team members to know that their ideas are valued so they will take the risks necessary to innovate.


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