A Leader Should Start Counting…

Leaders are required to show evidence for their successes. How do they do this? Using metrics and evidence. But we aren’t always measuring everything that we could be to give us the full picture of our effectiveness.

In his blog “Eight Unusual Things Leaders Should Measure”, Kevin Eikenberry gives ideas for different variants that we may not have thought to measure in our work.

Positive feedback.

Mistakes you hear about.







Some of these we want more of, some less but all give a more complete view of our situation to see what seemingly small elements could make a real different in our environment at work and as leaders.



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One comment on “A Leader Should Start Counting…

  1. speechexpress11
    August 16, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    Thanks for your eight unusual suggestions! The bottom line is…we should have the desire to be a good leader.

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