Methods to De-Stress

I don’t know about you but I typically am able to keep my stress level under control. But there are occasions, usually when those around me are letting their stress get to them, when my stress overboils and everything that could be stressful rises to the surface. On such occasions, I am happy that our industry gives advice for ways to de-stress from our stressful leadership positions.

On the Beyond Burnout blog, Tracey Marks, MD recently gave some advice for a few at home activities that we can do to de-stress from our work days. And, men, don’t think these aren’t for you – they really do make a difference and relax your senses. Tracey’s suggestions include:

1. Soak your feet in warm water.

2. Settle into a lavender bath.

3. Turn on some soothing music.

4. Try cucumber slices.

5. Drink chamomile tea.

I know I did a couple of those this evening as I relaxed from a long day and they work! Maybe you should try one…



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