Strength in Building Leadership Skills

We all know that gaining a skill takes work but it is that work that can make us the most successful. In her article on Insider’s Circle, Meredith Bell shared some insight in the strength that is necessary to be an effective leader and entrepreneur.

You need to be strong as a person to make it as an entrepreneur.

This means, while you’re putting out fires and acquiring business know-how, you have to constantly work on who you are.

How do we do this? Through leadership training, personal goal-setting and consistent follow-up among other things…in other words:




Take a few minutes to ask yourself these 5 key questions after each experience, and you’ll be astonished at the insights you get.

1 – What happened?
2 – Why did it happen that way?
3 – What were the consequences?
4 – What will you do differently in the future?
5 – What are your next steps?


How do you find your strength as a leader?



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