Loving Where You Work

I was taken today by an excellent article on Fast Company.com’s leadership blog by Tony Schwartz. In the article, he discussed what makes a job great and what makes us love where we work. As leaders, not only does it matter to us what creates a great work environment for ourselves but also for those we lead.

So what are the 12 things?

  1. Commit to paying every employee a living wage.
  2. Give all employees a stake in the company’s success.
  3. Design working environments that are safe, comfortable and appealing to work in.
  4. Provide healthy, high quality food, at the lowest possible prices.
  5. Create places for employees to rest and renew during the course of the working day and encourage them to take intermittent breaks.
  6. Offer a well equipped gym and other facilities that encourage employees to move physically and stay fit.
  7. Define clear and specific expectations for what success looks like in any given job.
  8. Institute two-way performance reviews.
  9. Hold leaders and managers accountable for treating all employees with respect and care.
  10. Create policies that encourage employees to set aside time to focus without interruption on their most important priorities.
  11. Provide employees with ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop and grow.
  12. Stand for something beyond simply increasing profits.

While all of these are important to consider, I feel that #10 and 11 are frequently overlooked by other more immediate needs. To be able to take the time to plan strategically and develop skills is vital for the long-term health of a team and company.

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