Leading from Example: Delta Airlines

Many times I find that the best ideas for improving my leadership style and methods come from the example of others. And so it is beneficial to occasionally stop and look around to take in what others are doing that makes them successful.

In his post today, author Art Petty wrote of his recent experience with Delta airlines and the aspects of the airline that he noticed which made his perception of flying and airlines change, if only for one flight.

7 Details that Made the Delta Experience Delightful:

1. Happy, smiling employees serving customers.

2. A lack of grumpy employees.

3. Readily available help.

4. Easy access to the necessities of travel life.

5. Company Pride on Display!

6. Employee Pride on Display!

7. Pleasant flight crews who seemed to enjoy their jobs.

I challenge you to ask yourself as a leader, how can you create an experience for your customers that would make them notice these details? Happy employees, providing what the customer needs – all things that can be influenced by your leadership.


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