Leadership Skills: Presenting

In today’s post I will review an article that resonated with me because, frankly, I have a presentation to give this week and it’s making me a bit anxious. Reading this article gave me some great tips on how to master this inevitable occurrence that we come across as leaders – the dreaded presentation.

On Julie Kay’s Developing Leader’s Online blog, she wrote about a few steps she has to master your presentation style and becoming more calm and composed.

Mindset –make a note of your negative automatic thoughts and change them into more helpful ones.

Mental rehearsal –  start by imagining the presentation with the things you are worried about, actually happening, and visualising yourself dealing with them calmly and confidently.

Engage early – plan to engage the audience early. When you get a smile, a nod of recognition, a ‘aha’, or a response to a question, it breaks the ice, helps you to relax and builds rapport.

I will definitely be keeping this tips in mind as I give my big presentation later this week. Is there anything that you do to help calm the nerves?

Wish me luck!


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