Company Culture overcoming Leadership

Have you ever worked in a place where the culture is so important that everyone becomes almost lemming-like? Though a company’s culture is extremely important, it is also wise to stay in touch with reality and not be overtaken by the influence of the all-powerful culture.

On the Leadership Training blog, author Bill Stinnett wrote about this problem here.

If “shared values” become extreme, they look more like obedience than true values. If team members feel too much pressure to conform, you lose their creativity, their ability to innovate, to be fully engaged.

To avoid this and practice healthy leadership, Stinnett suggests:

  • Clear communication about the company’s culture and what it means.
  • Strong listening skill development.
  • Commitment to win/win conflict resolution.
  • Teach people how to express their needs constructively.
  • Follow-up coaching and facilitation.


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