A “Little” Help for Women in Leadership

Ever look around for tools to help you as a woman in a leadership role? It just so happens that those tools are all around us and they aren’t always just skills to build. Sometimes they even come through technology!

In an article on the Fast Company Leadership blog, Belinda Parmar highlighted some great apps that help women to be empowered and ready to take the lead.

The IdeasProjectApps to Empower Women” challenge from Nokia asked for submissions of app ideas that would make a real, practical difference to women’s work, education, and leisure.
Honors went to Mobile Women African Crafters by Atim Oton, Easy App for Elderly Women by JoJa Dhara, and Trigger Free by Jenny Evgenia. Mobile Women African Crafters would create and increase sustainable income for local women crafters in Kano, Nigeria, by giving crafters a way to share and sell their crafts via mobile phones. The Easy App for Elderly Women would allow easier navigation through the various social networks and communication tools to help older women  stay in contact with  friends and family. Trigger Free would allow survivors of sexual violence to identify media that can trigger post-traumatic stress, allowing users to add media to a database, rate it, and help other survivors enjoy trigger-free leisure.

These ideas show the force for good in innovative technology like apps. Yes, we can download apps to get the weather or play a game, but it’s amazing to see how apps are transforming how women gain access to everything from health services to banking, and employment opportunities to educational tools.

What is your favorite app to empower you?


One comment on “A “Little” Help for Women in Leadership

  1. Ryan Short Url
    December 16, 2011 at 6:38 am #

    This post is priceless. How can I find out more?

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