But that doesn’t apply to us…

How many times have you been working on building a strategy and have looked at a solution used by someone else and said “that wouldn’t work for me or my organization”? I know I have fallen into that habit many times. You may feel that the normal rules don’t apply in your situation. It must be more complex or complicated for you.

But the truth is, you probably aren’t that different. In a recent post on the Linked2Leadership blog, the subject of being different was discussed.

Yes, each company is unique just like people are. Within each company, you find diverse personalities.

These personalities portray specific characteristics that make people act a certain way in groups; enabling them bond well together or bond poorly together when then they face adversity. But, like people, companies at their core are not that different.

The best approach is then to access how your organization is unique. Look at your strengths and weaknesses and see what has worked for similar organizations.

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