What Motivates You vs. What Motivates Me

We are all motivated by different means. Yes, there will frequently be some overlap but the combination of factors is fairly customized to each individual. As a leader, figuring out the perfect motivation is a skill.

In a blog post today on The Recovering Engineer, motivation types were discussed. One prevalent model for motivation is the DISC model. In this people fit into a category of dominant, inspiring, supportive and cautious.

A dominant person is motivated by getting results from challenging situations. An inspiring person gets their motivation from public recognition and working with others. However, supportive people want to help others and be a part of a team. While cautious people enjoy research and finding the correct answer.

Remember that people have varying degrees of all of these traits in their behavioral style blends and that you are likely to observe at least two of the four styles to a significant degree in most people.

Finding this combination is what takes skill and attention to your employees and their individual needs.


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