New Year, New Leadership Skills

A new year brings new challenges but it also brings new opportunities – especially new opportunities to better yourself. Each of us, as leaders, is constantly striving to find how we can be better and more effective in our leadership.

On the Leadership Training blog today, author Scott Seroka posted regarding four great ways we can improve our leadership skills instantly. Seroka admonishes us to pick one of these skills to really aim to significantly improve in 2012. Make a true goal and see it to its achievement.

The four ways Seroka presents are as follows:

  1. Become the best listener you can be.
  2. Stop solving other people’s problems.
  3. If you are a micromanager, stop!
  4. Stop roadblocking communications.

Each of these skills has its own intricacies and delicate elements to master but if we each pick at least one for our resolution and see it through, I promise you will be a better leader sooner than you can say Happy New Year!



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