No is a Complete Sentence

Saying yes when we want to say no is a common mistake that happens not only in the workplace, but with friends and family, as well.

There are several motivating factors that play into this type of word exchange. One simple tool that can help clear your plate of a whole lot of unwanted Yeses, and the time it takes to follow through on those acquired obligations, is conditioning yourself to say, “Let me get back to you in five minutes.”

During those five minutes, check your motivations for wanting to say yes or even if you want to say yes, but feel you should say no.

Here are a few simple questions that will easily take less than five minutes, but will make sure you are responding in a way that is responsible and respectful to yourself and your time.

1) Do I genuinely want to do this?

2) Do I have the time or resources to do this?

3) Do I currently have any personal needs that aren’t being met or are being put on hold due to lack of time or resources?

4) Do I want to say yes because I genuinely want to help someone else meet his or her needs?

These are only a few questions that could help you make the right decision for you. When all else fails, remember that “No.” is a complete sentence.


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