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Questions: Do They Help Leaders?

in·ter·ro·gate [in-ter-uh-geyt]  verb  – to ask questions of (a person), sometimes to seek answers or information that the person questioned considers personal or secret. How often do you refer to asking questions of your employees as an interrogation? I know I don’t because to interrogate tends to have a negative connotation and I do not

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A Change in Leadership

Imagine you work for a company whose leaders have a solid vision and strategy but they are not connecting with you or your colleagues. What do you do? Do you adapt because this is your job after all? Or do you fight for change? In a post by Rob Bier and Mark Powell on the

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Showing Your Appreciation

As a leader, it is vital that you show your appreciation for the accomplishments and work of those you lead. In his post on the Fast Company Leadership Blog, Shawn Parr discusses how having this spirit of gratitude in your work can not only create more happy workers but a more happy you. After “I

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