Category: Gratitude

Positive Leadership

We all have downtimes and setbacks but as leaders, we are responsible to motivate our teams to perform. One of the best ways to do this is to practice positive leadership. Learn to spin what may first appear as a negative into an opportunity. On the LeadershipTraq blog, Mick Ukleja wrote a post today about

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Expressing Humility as a Leader

While it is good to take pride in  your work, it is important as leaders that we remain humble and acknowledge all of the work that goes in to making our work a success. In a recent post on the Leadership Now blog, Michael McKinney discussed this important part of leadership that needs constant attention.

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Showing Your Appreciation

As a leader, it is vital that you show your appreciation for the accomplishments and work of those you lead. In his post on the Fast Company Leadership Blog, Shawn Parr discusses how having this spirit of gratitude in your work can not only create more happy workers but a more happy you. After “I

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