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Leading the Work/Life Balance

Speaking of the work/life balance – I am currently attempting to do so. So today’s post will be short. I just want to share this great post I read today from the Leadership Training blog on Gordon Training International’s website about treating your employees like the human beings that they are and helping them to

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Coaching to Help Leaders through a Recession

We are all very aware that the economy is not looking so hot. As leaders, this affects us on a daily basis – in our attitude, our strategy and our decisions. So how can we cope in the chaos? DJ and Barry Mitsch wrote an excellent article today on the blog about dealing with

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Taking the Time to Slow Down

“I’m great at multi-tasking.” This is something I have caught myself saying in many an interview or discussion about a potential project. But what does it mean to be great at multi-tasking? Does it mean you are going non-stop – jumping from project to project without taking a break to re-focus on what your overall

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