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Taking Ownership

A certain element of leadership has really been on my mind today. The element of taking ownership not only of your mistakes but of your problems. Too many times we push our problems onto others and blame the situation on something they are doing. In some cases, it may be a problem that is a

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Changing Yourself to Deal with Difficulty

As leaders, but even just as workers in the “real” world, we all experience difficult situations that make us react negatively. Is it as easy as think positive thoughts to deal with those situations? Blogger Tony Schwartz wrote today on the Fast Company leadership blog about the ways we can change ourselves in order to

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Would It Be Easier If We Were The Same?

There are opinions everywhere about what is the best balance between diversity and similarity but much of this discussion is focused on the inevitability of conflict comes from any differences. In a recent post on John Maxwell’s blog on Leadership, he discusses this subject of how to lead “difficult” people. As John says, “understanding is

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