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A “Little” Help for Women in Leadership

Ever look around for tools to help you as a woman in a leadership role? It just so happens that those tools are all around us and they aren’t always just skills to build. Sometimes they even come through technology! In an article on the Fast Company Leadership blog, Belinda Parmar highlighted some great apps

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What We Can Learn from a Great Leader – Steve Jobs

A quick post for today but I had to share this excellent article about Steve Jobs and the amazing impact that his work as CEO of Apple has had on the business world as well as the world as a whole. Enjoy and lead with confidence!     Related articles Beyond the iPad: What’s Next

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Innovate to Grow

Innovation. I don’t know about you but when I read that word, I think of Steve Jobs. Maybe I am just a Mac-head but Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. are prime example of innovation and the success that comes from constant improvement and striving to find the next big thing. On the Gordon Training International

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