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Bringing Cheer to Your Workplace

It’s the holiday season and everyone is trying to spread love and cheer everywhere but what about spreading that cheer at our workplace? As leaders, it is part of our responsibility to motivate our employees and give them a pleasant and happy environment. In a recent post on the Blake Connect blog, this topic was

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Four Ways to Lead with a Purpose

Echoing the thoughts of my post yesterday, today I enjoyed a post by Michael McKinney on the Leading Blog about leading with a common purpose.  As leaders, we all know that it is easiest to get real work done and make a real impact if we have everyone on board with us on our strategy

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Emotional Leadership

Now what do I mean about Emotional Leadership, you may ask. Is she talking about sitting around and crying with your employees? No, not exactly. I am referring to being a leader of your emotions and the emotions of the organization. In a recent blog post by Brian T. Flanagan on the ROOTSxHORIZONS blog, it

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